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Emily Maitlis Praised for Witty Shutdown of Nadine Dorries on Election Results

Viewers of the General Election results coverage have praised presenter Emily Maitlis for hilariously “running rings around” former Conservative MP Nadine Dorries during Channel 4’s broadcast.

The former Newsnight anchor frequently clashed with Dorries, calling her out on multiple occasions and often struggling to hide her facial expressions.

At one point, former cabinet minister Dorries claimed that the Tories were losing votes because Conservative leader Rishi Sunak had dropped policies like the Windsor Framework.

“The Windsor Framework was actually his policy,” responded a bemused Maitlis.

In another instance, Maitlis seemed barely able to hide her contempt when Dorries refused to answer a question about whether ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson could return as an MP after the Tories’ crushing defeat.

“Emily Maitlis has lost all patience with Nadine Dorries and I am living,” tweeted one amused viewer, along with a clip of the presenter’s exasperated facial expression. “Live on Channel 4: Emily Maitlis weighing up whether or not it’s worth jeopardising her entire broadcasting career to strangle Nadine Dorries live on air,” commented another.

Previously the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Dorries has long been renowned for her fierce support of Boris Johnson.

Maitlis was also praised for challenging her on this, saying: “You are funny, let’s be honest. You call David Cameron a posh boy but Boris Johnson has been to exactly the same school and had the same upbringing, [and] is absolutely fine,” adding: “They’re all very privileged people, but somehow you choose the one you love.”

Dorries claimed that Johnson “had no money growing up” and “knows what hardship is like” but was quickly shouted down by the other Channel 4 panellists.

Overall, social media reactions suggested that Maitlis had come out on top.

“Genuinely obsessed with Emily Maitlis running rings around Nadine Dorries,” reads one comment.

“Emily Maitlis is KILLING it I have to say, next to an incredibly stroppy Nadine Dorries. Hilarious watching actually,” said another, while one viewer said they were “glued to Emily Maitlis blatantly crucifying the supremely ridiculous Nadine Dorries.”

Some even felt that the illustrious broadcaster represented the nation as she butted heads with Dorries: “Emily Maitlis is basically all of us with Nadine Dorries and her blatant lies on Channel 4 tonight.”

Source: Channel 4