Emily Ratajkowski Debuts Fiery New Red Hair Color

By: Dan Cooper

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Emily Ratajkowski Debuts Fiery New Red Hair Color

Emily Ratajkowski is turning up the heat this summer with a bold new hair color. The supermodel recently traded in her signature brunette locks for a fiery red hue, and she took to Instagram to show off her stunning transformation. In a series of photos, Ratajkowski posed on a green velvet couch wearing a plunging black bodysuit, with her red hair styled in a straight, messy ‘do. She captioned the post, ‘Gone red,’ and thanked her hair colorist and the haircare brand Kerastase for helping her achieve the vibrant look.

Ratajkowski’s decision to go red was a playful and fun choice for the summer, according to her hair colorist Jenna Perry. While the crimson tresses may not be a permanent change, Perry wanted to create a look that was low maintenance and would easily transition back to Ratajkowski’s classic brunette shade. Red hair has been a popular trend among celebrities, with stars like Kim Kardashian, Sydney Sweeney, and Megan Thee Stallion all trying out the fiery hue.

This isn’t the first time Ratajkowski has switched up her hairstyle. Earlier this year, she rocked baby bangs at the Met Gala, and she has also experimented with bob cuts and different hair colors in the past. The model isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to her hair, and her latest transformation is no exception.

Ratajkowski’s new red hair is kept vibrant and healthy with the help of Kérastase’s Chroma Absolu collection. The sulfate-free products provide restoration and nourishment to prevent the color from fading and protect against frizz, making it perfect for the summer heat.

Fans of Ratajkowski can’t get enough of her fiery new look, and it’s clear that a fresh dye job is the hottest accessory of the summer. Whether she decides to keep the red hair or switch it up again, one thing is for sure – Ratajkowski will continue to turn heads with her bold and fearless style choices.

In a world where celebrities are constantly changing their hairstyles, Emily Ratajkowski stands out with her ability to effortlessly pull off any look. From her signature brunette locks to her new fiery red hair, Ratajkowski proves that she can rock any color with confidence and style. As summer heats up, it’s clear that Ratajkowski is turning heads and setting trends with her stunning hair transformation.

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