“Emily Ratajkowski opens up about her fears ahead of her child’s arrival”

“Emily Ratajkowski opens up about her fears ahead of her child’s arrival”

Emily Ratajkowski Opens Up About Fearful Pregnancy

Supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski recently shared her emotional experience during her pregnancy with her estranged husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. In an interview with the LA Times, Emily revealed that she had a heartfelt conversation with her unborn son toward the end of her pregnancy, as she became increasingly anxious about going into labor.

Emily bravely confessed to her unborn son, whom she calls “Sly,” that she was deeply scared, and she knew he was, too. She promised to keep him safe and said, “Let’s do it. I want to meet you.”

Emily’s sense of fear heightened when she spoke about the possibility of losing custody of her son in the divorce from her film-producer ex-husband. Emily filed for divorce from Sebastian Bear McClard in September 2022, citing irreconcilable differences.

Emily’s fear of losing custody of her son is attributed to the serious allegations made against her ex-husband. On March 29, 2022, three women accused Sebastian Bear-McClard of non-consensual sex. Some of whom allegedly occurred while he was married to Emily.

Despite having a net worth of approximately 10 million, Emily fears losing custody of her son if she becomes “frank” about the split from her ex-husband. She believes that outspoken women often witness their children suffer the consequences.

In her interview, Emily reflects on her pregnancy and the birth of her son. She beautifully describes her son’s arrival as an awakening that gave her faith in his ability to control things. Emily adds that her son is beautiful, and there is something that has been created in the perfect image of a man that takes on a life of its own.

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Her experience is relatable to many parents who have yet to complete the journey of parenthood, and Emily’s openness will surely provide comfort to those in similar situations. Emily’s braveness and honesty are truly inspiring, making her an extraordinary role model.

Her legal representation involves the prestigious Blank Rome firm, who has previously represented high-profile stars like Tom Cruise and Channing Tatum. With such heavyweight representation, Emily’s legal battle for sole custody of her son becomes stronger, and the hopes for the best for her and her son remain high.

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