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Eminem, Big Sean, Babytron Go All Out in “Tobey” Music Video

Eminem is ramping up the intensity in his Death of Slim Shady era with a new music video for “Tobey.” The song features two Michigan rappers, Big Sean and Babytron, and is shameless in its execution. The Cole Bennett-directed visual includes the usage of digitally altered and duplicated versions of the three emcees with rapid-fire-paced scenes that switch from hotels to clubs, warehouses, rooftops, and more.

Babytron begins with a strong start, followed by Big Sean, and then Eminem wraps it up, with the location changing to the house from the rapper’s cover of The Marshall Mathers LP. As suggested by the name of his upcoming album, his verse ends in the death of Slim Shady. Or was it Eminem? Regardless, Sean and Babytron hold their own in this Michigan posse cut, but Eminem still manages to shine just as brightly.

The iconic rapper’s verse touches on several moments involving his name over the past two years, including Billboard’s controversial 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time list. Eminem was placed at No. 5, trailing behind 2Pac, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, and JAY-Z.

When the list was released in 2023, Melle Mel criticized Kendrick and Eminem’s placements, questioning their spots in the greatest of all-time discussions. He argued that Kendrick Lamar’s music doesn’t incorporate characteristics of contemporary Hip-Hop.

Additionally, Melle Mel asserted that Eminem is included on the list primarily because he’s a white rapper. Eminem finally addressed this directly, rapping, “Ain’t feelin’ your top five favorite rappers/ So I know they ’bout to be pissed at me/ But this, to me, is a mystery/ How rappers I’ve already ripped could be/ Higher up on a list than me/ Yet, here I sit on your list though at five, which still is fine,” he raps. “But just know inside, to me, that sh*t’s hilarious, so when I/ Get dissed though and by a pioneer/ Who was one of the reasons why I am here/ They tell me I should just let that sh*t go and slide/ ‘Melle Mel shouldn’t get no reply’/ ‘That man is a legend,’ bi**h, so am I.”

The Death of Slim Shady is set to be released on Friday, July 12. This marks Eminem’s 12th LP, following up 2020’s album Music to Be Murdered By and is detailed as being Slim Shady’s last album.

Watch the “Tobey” video above.

Source: Particle News