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Emma Corrin stated that she is self-perceived non-binary

The fourth season of The Crown It has been one of the most controversial that Netflix released and, this is due to the inclusion of Lady Diana in its plot. However, beyond the opinion of the Windsors, Emma Corrin, who played the princess of the town, catapulted herself to international fame not only because of her resemblance, but also because of her acting level.

Emma Corrin, who did not have a large repertoire of productions in his curriculum is, after The Crown, one of the most sought-after actresses of the moment and, in turn, respected in the industry. But, as if this were not enough, the actress also increased her followers on social networks, where she is now one of the most influential women.

Emma Corrin is Lady Diana. Photo: (Netflix)

So much so that the last publication that Emma made garnered thousands of likes and comments from fans congratulating her. This is because the British artist announced that she perceives herself as non-binary., a publication that accompanied with some photographs of her in black and white where she wears a girdle on her chest, known as binders, and they allow to reduce the appearance of the breasts.

This girdle is used often and, in addition, it achieves a more masculine or androgynous aesthetic. “Some time ago, before buying my first binder we used a boxing bandage, thank you for capturing this with me, very intimate, very new. It’s quite a journey, right? Lots of twists and turns and changes, and it’s okay! Take it on”Began his message.

Then, the interpreter assured that, from now on, she wants the pronouns used towards her to be “they” (they), instead of “she” (she) and, her images are the ones that show her great freedom . At the same time, Corrin always shows herself as she is, evidencing her preference for the androgynous style and not just feminine.


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