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Emma Roberts Blames ‘Internet Culture’ for ‘Madame Web’ Flop

Emma Roberts has a theory about why “Madame Web” tanked big time.

In a recent interview with Variety, the actor who played Mary Parker in the film, shared her thoughts on why the movie received an unfavorable reception online.

“Things work; things don’t work,” Roberts said. “Everyone likes to act like they can predict if they’re going to work or not. And the truth is, you can’t. Things do badly, and then they blow up later on TikTok. Things do well, but then you watch them, and you’re like, ‘This did well?’”

“There is no secret. It’s about doing something goodish and it hitting at the right time,” she continued. “Everything else is like a wish and a prayer.”

Directed by S.J. Clarkson, “Madame Web” is set within Sony’s Spider-Man universe. It follows a paramedic named Cassandra “Cassie” Webb (Dakota Johnson), who develops clairvoyance and uses it to protect three young girls against a dangerous villain.

The film, which hit theaters in February, garnered poor reviews, including an 11% rating and a 57% audience approval score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite the criticisms, Roberts mentioned she’s “not intimidated by failure” or “by people having negative thoughts about something” she’s done as an actor.

“I personally really loved ‘Madame Web.’ I really enjoyed the movie. I thought everyone in it was great,” she stated. “The director, S.J. Clarkson, I think did an amazing job. She’s the reason I wanted to do that movie. If it wasn’t for internet culture and everything being made into a joke, I think that the reception would’ve been different.”

She added, “And that’s what bums me out about a lot of stuff, even stuff that I’ve done, is people just make such a joke out of everything now.”

Previously, Dakota Johnson admitted that she’s “not surprised” that “Madame Web” “has gone down the way it has.” In a March interview with Bustle, she remarked, “Of course it’s not nice to be a part of something that’s ripped to shreds, but I can’t say that I don’t understand.”

Source: Variety, Bustle