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Emma Stone will do Cruella 2: her agreement with Disney to avoid the Scarlett Johansson case

The Scarlett Johansson complaint moved the strongest foundations of a giant like Disney. The actress is an industry heavyweight and his complaints about the premiere of Black Widow made a lot of noise. Little by little the company seems to recover from the shock and He managed to agree with another of his stars because it was confirmed that Emma Stone will make the sequel to Cruella. Before the deal, the actress put a clause to avoid her colleague’s problems. What is it about?

Stone had a outstanding performance in the tape that was released May 28 and since it was released to the public there was speculation about a second part. Disney’s intention was to repeat the success, but first he had to close the hiring of his protagonist. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 32-year-old artist also welcomed suing the production company for the launch of Cruella and that is why the executives they must have moved fast to convince her.

The negotiations came to fruition because This Friday night it was confirmed that Emma fixed her continuity in the saga. Although the project is in pre-production and it is unknown what type of premiere modality it will have, Variety reported that the new contract mutually benefits both parties in all possible scenarios.

Emma Stone’s deal with Disney to make Cruella 2

Stone’s representative, Patrick Whitesell, gave details of the deal in statements to the same US media. “This agreement demonstrates that there can be an equitable path that protects artists and aligns studio interests with talent. We are proud to work alongside Emma and Disney, and we appreciate the studio’s willingness to recognize their contributions as a creative partner.“, Held.

In this way, Disney Cruella’s sequel was secured after the big numbers it reaped at the box office. Raised a total of $ 222 million around the world when the budget investment was 100 million.

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