Emmys 2021: Gillian Anderson’s reaction when asked if she spoke to Margaret Thatcher

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Gillian Anderson She is an actress with a lot of experience in film and TV. She can be recognized primarily for her roles in shows like X-Files, Hannibal, The Crown y Sex Education, where he stood out with works that were recorded in the retina of audiences around the world. Recognized in the Hollywood industry, yesterday she won the Emmy to Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for your participation in the award-winning The Crown, that explores the relations of the English monarchy.

Previously, the interpreter won the Emmy a Best Leading Actress in a Drama by X-Files, where he gave life to Dana Scully, the FBI agent disbelieving in paranormal phenomena who was a partner of Fox Mulder, a man tormented by the alien abduction of his sister who was dedicated to investigating cases of doubtful explanation. He would also take the Golden Globe for that work, in the same way that it happened with The Crown.

Gillian Anderson’s awkward moment at the Emmys

In the series that tells the details of the relations and conflicts in the royalty of England, Gillian Anderson personified Margaret Thatcher, known as The woman of iron. A highly relevant historical figure, who knew how to be the first woman to serve as Prime Minister of that country and thus carry out an oscillating relationship with the queen. Isabel II.

Gillian Anderson He played that role with steadfastness and determination, making it his own in each of the scenes in which the character appeared on the show. Especially the dialogues he shared with Olivia Colman, the one in charge of personifying Isabel II in the show and with which they exposed an ideological conflict that was entrenched in the very center of power in England.

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During the awards ceremony of the Emmy 2021, a journalist asked Gillian Anderson if he spoke with Margaret Thatcher about his role in The Crown, at the same time that she consulted him about the lack of female leaders in the United States such as that historical figure in Europe. The actress answered, uncomfortable, that she had not spoken with the former politician.

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