“Emotional Words of Manuel Zamorano to Ex Raúl Prieto on His Wedding with Joaquín Torres”

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The Sevillian wedding of Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres

The city of Seville has been the scene of the wedding of Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres this weekend. The couple has put the finishing touch to their love story, which began more than seven years ago, with several days of celebrations in a very special setting for the television director, his hometown.

It was Thursday when a pre-wedding party took place, while on Friday the link was finally celebrated at the Casa de Pilatos, in the presence of several of the most prominent faces on the national scene.

Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres

The television director and architect have been accompanied on these special days by some of the most important people in his life. There has been no shortage of Raúl Prieto’s chain companions, such as Emma García, Belén Esteban, Terelu Campos, Rocío Carrasco, Kiko Matamoros and his fiancée Marta López Álamo, Pepa Muñoz or David Valldeperas, among others. For his part, Joaquín Torres was surrounded by his two sons, Manuel and Álvaro, fundamental pillars in his life.

Joaquín Torres opens up hours before his wedding

‘One of the people who did not want to miss out on this very important celebration for Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres has been Manuel Zamorano, ex-partner of the television director. The stylist has attended the celebration in the company of his current partner, José Javier García, but he has not hesitated to dedicate some endearing words to the television director.

Raúl Prieto and Manuel Zamorano

A very special photograph that the stylist has accompanied with deep reflection and a dedication to his ex-partner: “Dear Raúl, I am sitting on Ave on the way to Madrid, I take Javier by my side and while he sleeps, my head has not stopped thinking about how to express everything I have felt these days”, Manuel Zamorano began by writing, commenting that the last few days have been a real roller coaster of emotions.

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A discreet love story

Unlike what has happened in recent times with Joaquín Torres and Raúl Prieto, Manel Zamorano’s relationship with the television director was characterized for absolute discretion. In fact, during his participation in the Sálvame Mediafest last year, of which he was declared the winner, the stylist confessed that he never told his father that he had a relationship with Raúl Prieto.

The great moments in Raúl Prieto’s pre-wedding

Although there are not many details about the relationship between Manuel Zamorano and Raúl Prieto, it is known that they were together for several years and that they broke up around 2016. Shortly after, Raúl Prieto would begin his relationship with Joaquín Torres.

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