Employees would accept pay cuts in exchange for remote work

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(Bloomberg) – What would you sacrifice to be able to work from home forever?

A new survey shows that many Americans would be willing to accept a pay cut, give up days off, or put in more hours for a job that offers a completely remote option.

After more than a year of working, full or part, from home in many white-collar industries, employers are trying to get workers back to the office, even as the delta variant of coronavirus takes over the entire US. In an effort to attract employees, some companies have organized back-to-work parties and handed out prizes, others offer free lunch or childcare assistance, and still others offer yoga classes.

Some workers just don’t like this idea very much, either because they are concerned about their health, because they have domestic responsibilities that keep them at home, or simply because they don’t want to waste time on long commutes again.

An online survey commissioned by Breeze, an insurance company, found that 65% of American workers who said their work could be done completely remotely were willing to accept a 5% pay cut, which could represent several years. annual increases, as long as you stay home.

The online survey, conducted by survey firm Pollfish on July 20-21, included responses from 1,000 people who said they were “employed or looking for a job that can be completed completely remotely.”

Most people said they would not give up more than 5%, but 15% of those surveyed said they would be willing to cut 25% of their salary to work remotely. Almost half (46%) said they would give up a quarter of their days off, and 15% said they would give up all paid time off in order to work from home.

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On a lighter note, the firm also asked what else people would give up for a remote work option. More than half said they would leave Netflix, social media or Amazon for a year. A third of those surveyed even said they would give up the right to vote in all future national and local elections. Most likely, Generation Z (44%) said they would give up their right to vote, while Baby Boomers were more opposed, with just 27% saying they would give it up.

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