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Enhypen Members: Names, Ages, and Birthdays

Enhypen Members: Names, Ages, and Birthdays

Enhypen is poised to make a grand return in 2024 with their new studio album, “Romance: Untold”. Ahead of the album’s release, we delve into the profiles of the members of Enhypen, highlighting their birthdays, ages, and distinct attributes.

The journey of Enhypen’s debut was a thrilling adventure. Through a reality show called I-Land, created by Mnet and Belift Lab, 23 participants vied for a place in a new rookie group. In the end, seven promising talents emerged as the final lineup, forming Enhypen.

Following the I-Land finale, Enhypen made their debut on November 30, 2020, with their first extended play, “BORDER: DAY ONE”. Since then, the K-pop septet has launched over six EPs and two studio albums, with their third studio album, “Romance: Untold”, set for release on July 12, 2024.

Enhypen’s members range in age from 23 to 19. The oldest member, Lee Heeseung, isn’t the group’s leader – that title belongs to Jungwon, who is 20 years old. Despite being offered the leadership role, Heeseung declined. Over the past four years, Enhypen has evolved with its fans, showcasing new facets of their personas with each release. Here’s a glance at each member and what they bring to the group.

Heeseung – Birthday: October 15, 2001
Heeseung is the oldest member and the group’s Main Vocalist. Known for his enigmatic stage presence, he usually takes the center role in comebacks, beautifully expressing the themes through his expressions. Prior to I-Land, he was a BigHit trainee. He placed fifth in the I-Land finale with over 1,137,323 votes and is part of a group chat with other famous K-pop stars like Stray Kids’ I.N and TXT’s Beomgyu.

Jay – Birthday: April 20, 2002
Jay Park, the second-oldest member, is a 22-year-old Korean-American artist who secured second place in the I-Land finale with 1,182,889 votes. His strengths lie in hip-hop bounce and dance, and he looks up to EXO’s Kai as his role model.

Jake – Birthday: November 15, 2002
Jake Sim, a Korean-Australian, ranked third in the I-Land finale with 1,179,633 votes. Aside from singing and dancing, Jake is also passionate about playing musical instruments, especially the violin. He and fellow member Sunghoon are brand ambassadors for Tiffany & Co., titled “Friends of the House”.

Sunghoon – Birthday: December 8, 2002
Park Sunghoon placed sixth in the I-Land finale with 1,088,413 votes. Prior to joining Enhypen, he was a figure skater, winning international competitions like the Asian Figure Skating Trophy and the Lombardia Trophy. He also hosted the show “Music Bank” and made a cameo appearance in the web series “Mimicus”.

Sunoo – Birthday: June 24, 2003
Kim Seon Woo, known as Sunoo, narrowly missed his debut with Enhypen, finishing eighth with 935,771 votes. However, he was chosen by the producers, securing his spot in the group.

Jungwon – Birthday: February 9, 2004
Yang Jung Won, Enhypen’s leader, was originally an SM trainee. He clinched first place in the I-Land finale with 1,417,620 votes. Known for his calm demeanor, Jungwon is also skilled in taekwondo and admires BTS’s Jungkook and Justin Bieber.

Ni-ki – Birthday: December 9, 2005
The youngest member, Ni-ki from Japan, is renowned for his dancing prowess, earning titles like I-LAND’s Best Dancer. He ranked fourth in the I-Land finale with 1,140,718 votes.

All seven members of Enhypen are steadily carving out their individual identities. Their third album, “Romance: Untold”, will showcase solo concept images for each member, set to release on July 12 at 1 p.m. KST and 12 a.m. ET.

Source: belift, hybe