enterJS keynote: Sustainable software development made easy

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The global climate strike will take place on September 24th, organized by the Fridays for Future movement. Software developers can also do their part to protect the climate. The organizers of the JavaScript conference, heise Developer and dpunkt.verlag, Maximilian Berghoff and Wolfram Kriesing were able to work for the enterJS 2021 win, which will take place online on September 29th and 30th. The second keynote of the conference focuses on sustainable software development and helps to develop more sustainable software tomorrow.

In addition to a comprehensive program with more than 35 lectures, the organizers are offering four full-day online workshops on everything to do with JavaScript. Anyone who would like to deal a little deeper with the OWASP Security Testing Guide and other points of the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) is in the workshop “Hacking Modern Web Apps: Master the Future of Attack Vectors“by Abraham Aranguren and Anirudh Anand correctly.

Michael Hladky would like to join “Reactive Architecture and UX Patterns – Master Class“Raise the participants’ RxJS knowledge to the next level. The focus is on framework-independent techniques with which the user experience (UX) of an application can be improved.

The number of test tools in the JavaScript environment has increased significantly in recent years. But what does it actually mean to test current web applications with modern means? One answer to the question is there Marco Emrich in his JavaScript testing workshop. He looks behind the scenes, introduces participants to selected prominent representatives and offers plenty of tips and tricks on using unit testing and mocks with Jest, mutation-based testing with Stryker and end-to-end and component tests Cypress.

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Manfred Steyer focuses on Angular architecture and shows how large and long-term maintainable business applications can be built with Angular. From strategic design to the implementation of large applications with Nx to module federation for the implementation of micro-front-end architectures – those who attend the workshop will then know their possibilities and can evaluate and use them for their own projects.

The one-day ticket for the JavaScript conference costs 249 euros (plus VAT). Tickets for both conference days are available for 449 euros, as well as for the workshops. Current information about the conference and ticket purchase offers the website for enterJS.


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