Epic Games appeals app store ruling

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The game company Epic Games takes the dispute over Apple’s App Store to the nearest court. As announced, the makers of the online game “Fortnite” appealed the judgment of a California district judge who had largely dismissed her claims. Epic’s justification for the objection was initially not apparent from the trial documents published on Sunday.

Among other things, Epic wanted to enforce the right to its own app store on the iPhone by lawsuit. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers did not follow the game company’s argument that Apple’s approach of only allowing the app to be installed from its own download platform was anti-competitive.

Apple is not a monopoly, but has to change the app rules, the judgment said. The judge saw unfair competition in the fact that Apple does not allow developers to refer users to opportunities to buy digital items directly from them. That should now change within three months.

When purchasing digital articles and content via Apple’s in-app system, developers have to cede 15 to 30 percent of the purchase price to the iPhone group. According to the judgment, around 70 percent of the app store revenue comes from game apps. Epic and several other major app providers want to run their business on the iPhone by Apple without the App Store levy.

Apple counters that the app store system is designed to protect consumers from data thieves and fraudsters – and the levy is necessary, among other things, to finance this infrastructure.

Apple banned Epic from the App Store last year after the game company secretly smuggled the ability to buy digital items directly into Fortnite. The judge saw Apple in the right because Epic had violated its contract with the iPhone company. That’s why Apple interpreted the court ruling as a success, but now Epic is appealing as expected.


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