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Epic Games boss celebrates Steam Deck being a "open system"

Valve’s portable console is a reality. Steam Deck has been officially announced, and the first reactions have not been asked. One of them has been that of Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games. In a message published on the social network Twitter, the manager applauded Valve’s maneuver and agreed with the fact that the machine is open, so they can install other operating systems or Epic Games Store, for example.

“Incredible move by Valve!” Thinks Sweeney. A hybrid and portable PC / console that works with Steam OS ”, in turn based on Linux architecture. What’s more, “it is an open platform in which users are free to install the software of their choice, including Windows and other stores ”.

Sweeney’s vision

The truth is that Tim Sweeney and Epic Games have long been advocating the need to open platforms. That is one of the reasons why his company maintains a legal fight against big technology such as Apple or Google. He accuses them of monopolistic practices, although it all started when Epic tried to make the microtransacciones de Fortnite will be channeled through themselves, something forbidden in both the App Store and Google Play. The popular battle royale was removed from both stores.

Steam Deck, meanwhile, will be sold in three different models, which will not differ in architecture or specific hardware specifications, beyond the capacity of the SSD hard drive that they carry as internal memory. In this way, the cheapest model only includes 64 GB of internal memory, despite the fact that its price is logically the cheapest, 399 euros. You can read all the information about it in this link.

Source | Tim Sweeney (Twitter)


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