Epic Games Store, Amazon App Store are coming to the new Microsoft Store

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Microsoft has announced numerous new applications for its new store in Windows 11 when the new operating system version is available in October 2021. These include popular communication programs such as Zoom and Discord, the VLC media player and the free LibreOffice office suite. Apps with their own shops such as those from Epic Games and Amazon should follow in the next few months. Then the new Microsoft Store should also be available in Windows 10.

In a blog post announces Microsoftthat in addition to the apps mentioned, other applications such as KakaoTalk (a Korean instant messaging service), creative software such as Luminar AI and Music Maker as well as productivity applications such as TeamViewer and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC will be added to the new Microsoft Store. Own software such as Microsoft PowerToys, Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community are mandatory.

There are also so-called “Progressive Web Apps” (PWA) such as Reddit, Wikipedia, TikTok, Lyft, Quizlet and Tumblr in the new Microsoft Store. These PWAs are practically internet websites as their own apps, so that they can be more easily integrated into the operating system instead of only being usable in the browser. These PWAs can be pinned to the taskbar or the start menu, show notifications in Windows and also follow view settings.

Microsoft does not take any commission for apps purchased in its own store, only for PC games. Microsoft has reduced the commission for this to 12 percent. This corresponds to the commission conditions of other shops such as the Epic Games Store. In addition to Amazon’s App Store in the future in the new Microsoft Store. These providers do not owe Microsoft any commission if they have their own payment system.

Apple, on the other hand, insists on its commissions, which has led to the litigation between Epic Games and Apple. Epic boss Tim Sweeney welcomed Microsoft’s decision and praised the Windows Store as an “open platform with an open store”.

Microsoft’s waiver of commissions for apps shouldn’t be particularly significant, because after all, Microsoft still earns from games sold through the store. The legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games showed that games in the app store account for 70 percent of Apple sales.


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