Who Is Erica Herman? 8 Things To Know About Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend

Erica Herman

Tiger Woods’ 45-year-old boyfriend, Erica Herman, came to his bedside after the golfer’s dramatic rollover SUV collision on Feb. 23, which left him hospitalized. He has a broken lower leg, as well as damage to his foot and ankle, and has undergone major orthopaedic surgery. As they arrived at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, Erica was accompanied by Tiger’s caddie Joe LaCava, giving the golfer two well-wishers.

Erica Herman

Erica will support Tiger and his 11-year-old son, Charlie, at the PNC Tournament on December 20, 2020, demonstrating how she is a member of Tiger’s family. Erica attended the event alongside Tiger’s ex-wife and Charlie’s mother, Elin Nordegren, and witnessed the father-son combination take the green. Erica also spent time with Sam, the former couple’s 13-year-old kid. Tiger and Erica appear to be in excellent condition. The five facts below will help you learn more about Erica Herman.

Who is Erica Herman?

Erica is a restaurant manager, according to Golf Monthly. Erica has sought to keep her personal life out of the spotlight since the couple started dating in 2017. Even though she isn’t used to being in the spotlight, she makes it a point to support Tiger and cheer him on. Erica had accompanied Tiger during his 15th Major victory at the 2019 Masters and after he returned to competitive golf at the 2021 PNC Championship, according to the outlet.

Erica Herman

In 2017, Woods and Herman began dating

Woods, the 45-year-old golf star, and Herman were first seen together at the Presidents Cup in 2017. Herman wore a “player spouse” badge around her neck at the time, despite the fact that they were not married. Woods has previously been linked to Kristin Smith and Lindsey Vonn following his split from ex-wife Elin Nordegren in 2010, who ended their six-year marriage in part due to his numerous indiscretions, including one with Rachel Uchitel. Nordegren and Woods had two children together.

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Was he previously married?

Elin Nordegren was Tiger’s wife. In 2003, the couple became engaged, and the following year, they married. They went on to have two children together. Their romance, however, did not survive long, and the two divorced in 2010 after a slew of rumors that harmed the golfer’s career. They chose to co-parent their children while they went their own ways. Elin won a $100 million settlement during the divorce.

What is Erica’s age?

According to Business Insider, Tiger’s lovely partner is 36 years old, making her roughly ten years younger than her older beau. But age is just a number, and what counts most is whether or not their relationship works. The couple has proved how committed to each other throughout the course of their three-year relationship, and it’s possible that Erica is living with Tiger and his two children.

Herman is a wonderful girlfriend who is always willing to help

Herman usually travels with Woods to his tournaments and was present when he won his fifteenth major championship at the 2019 Masters. In May of 2019, she accompanied Woods to the White House, where he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by former President Trump. 

Woods shared a photo on Twitter of him, Herman, and their children Charlie, 11, and Sam, 13, enjoying a nice “Champion’s Dinner” at home around the time the canceled 2020 Masters competition was set to take place. Woods would have been hosting a traditional Champions Dinner for other players at Augusta National as the reigning champion if the event hadn’t been delayed for months due to COVID-19.

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Erica Has Attended Tiger’s Golf Tournaments & More

Throughout Tiger’s return, Erica has been by his side on a number of significant occasions. When he won his 15th Major title at the 2019 Masters, she was there to see it. The Masters, on the other hand, were not her first rodeo! Erica also supported Tiger during the 2017 President’s Cup and the 2018 Ryder Cup. The couple regularly attends other sporting events, like the U.S. Open, where they cheered on tennis legend Serena Williams and others.

Herman was born and raised in the state of Florida

Erica Herman

Herman worked at Woods’ restaurant, The Woods, since she was a local, according to Metro. Their tenure as owners of the restaurant was not without controversy. In 2019, the parents of a bartender at The Woods, who was allegedly over-served booze at the business and later got into a drunken, deadly collision, sued both Herman and Woods for wrongful death. According to sources, the lawsuit against Woods and Herman was subsequently dismissed.

Herman has a good relationship with his children

According to People, Woods and Herman are living together, and his son Charlie and daughter Sam “like her.” Herman also has a friendly relationship with Nordegren, according to the publication. Despite the fact that the couple keeps their connection hidden, Erica is clearly close with Tiger’s two children. Erica appears to have cultivated a truly loving bond with Sam and Charlie, whether it’s supporting them at tournaments and milestone events or sitting down for a family dinner. 

It’s been amazing to see Erica continue to support her partner – we’re curious as to how he supports her, too! Even more, it’s lovely to see his children and ex-wife get along so well with Erica. Fans will hopefully get to experience more moments like the PNC Tournament in the future as Charlie’s prospective golf career takes form.

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Explore Tiger Wood’s acceptance speech

Erica Herman

Tiger chose to give a statement that was personal to him, and in doing so, he moved everyone. “If you don’t put in the effort if you don’t go out and put in the work, you’re not going to receive the results,” he stated. But, more significantly, you are undeserving of it. It’s something you’ll have to work for. As a result, that summed up my upbringing. That was the turning point in my career.”

“So without the sacrifices of Mom, who drove me to all those junior golf events, and Dad, who isn’t here, but instilled in me this work ethic to battle for what I believe in, to follow after my dreams- that nothing will ever be offered to you; everything will have to be earned,” he added.

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