Erick Elera Makes the Cut in Los Hermanos Yaipén

They Ended Their Illusions!

In “Al fondo hay sitio”, Joel Gonzales was convinced that they had finally recognized his talent and he was already projecting himself as a star; and it was no less, because he was going to be part of Group 6; However, his dreams came crashing down when he discovered that it was all a misunderstanding, because in reality, they were not looking for him, but DJ Dimon, that is, Diego Montalbán, who rejected them.

The worst for him came later, since the new member would turn out to be his brother Jimmy. Despite this disappointment in fiction, the actor who gives life to Charito’s son, Erick Elera, did become part of a recognized cumbia group, we refer to Los Hermanos Yaipén.

Elera’s Time with Los Hermanos Yaipén

The year 2008 was passing and Erick Elera was introduced as one of the new members of Los Hermanos Yaipén. At that time, he was only a support member of the orchestra, like Christian Domínguez, since he had projects with the Los del Barrio group. Despite his success, he decided to retire to form his musical duo, which he worked in parallel with the Latina series “Los del barrio”.

Six years have passed and in 2014, Erick Elera returns to Los Hermanos Yaipén, a group that made the news known through their official Twitter account, although they specified that it was because of a limited time. For his part, the actor also clarified that he was not entering to replace Christian Domínguez, who had disagreements with the directors.

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“I am not his replacement, let it be clear that I arrived when he was still in the group. It was not the idea at first. They [Christian y Ángelo Fukuy] they left and, against all odds, which says that the Yaipén are doing badly, we have a lot of work and people continue to respond very well”, he specified.

While he was in the cumbia group, he continued working on the series “ There is room at the bottom.” “They don’t give me many permits, but here with the group I’m handling it well,” he said.

In February 2015, Elera himself announced that he was no longer a member of Los Hermanos Yaipén, but made it clear that they ended on good terms, since he was focused on other projects and his role in the successful América Televisión series.

“It is a stage that has come to an end, I am no longer part of Los Hermanos Yaipén. Everything turned out very well. I always wish them the best, they are my friends, it’s a great family, but I need time to move on with my things: musically, my projects, being in ‘Al fondo hay sitio’ and to be with my family”, he commented.

Recording a Song with Los Hermanos Yaipén

On December 3, 2021, Erick Elera together with Los Hermanos Yaipén and Patrick Romantik recorded the song “Chiquitita”. The music video was directed by Walter Álvarez and Rayza Ortiz and featured Santiago Suarez as one of the actors.

Despite the setback in “Al fondo hay sitio”, the actor and singer was able to make a name for himself in the music scene with Los Hermanos Yaipén. With this new project, he continues to showcase his artistic talent and prove that he can excel in any endeavor he sets his sights on.

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