Erick Elera praises Allison Pastor and admits she is a “happy stomp” – MAG.

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Erick Elera He surprised in the program “En boca de todos” by giving details of his coexistence with Allison Pastor, whom he considered as the person who is in charge of their relationship.

“I like women who have pants, who have a voice of command, they solve things, this type of woman who helps you grow, who gives you somehow peace of mind and who adds to you ”, he pointed.

When asked by Tula Rodríguez about whether in his relationship with Allison Pastor he is ‘stepped on’, the singer made a revelation about his love life. “If so, I’m happy, yes well (I am)”he added.

On the other hand, the artist was interviewed by América Espectáculos, where He praised the work that his partner Allison Pastor has been developing in the series “The Academy: Challenge and Fame.”

“We have been surprised a lot. I am very happy. It is a satisfaction, not only for her, but for me, for the family, very happy that she is doing what she always wanted to do “, said the actor of “Back to the neighborhood.”

On whether he would be willing to join the cast of actors in the “This is War” series, Erick Elera was very animated. “I would love to, I’m free right now, I don’t have a contract with anyone, so if they call me happy”he added.

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