Erik Rubín: Andrea Legarreta’s reaction after the publication of suggestive photos of her husband

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The marriage of Andrea Legarreta Y Erik Rubín It is one of the longest-lasting in the entertainment industry in Mexico, although they have not been immune to scandals related to infidelity. A few days ago, Mía and Nina Rubín’s father again caused tremendous controversy on social networks, after several images were leaked in which the former Timbiriche appears allegedly enjoying a party with some young women.

In the pictures of He can be seen with some young women dancing and presumably drinking. In them it is possible to see him in the company of two women and with one of them closer to him. As expected, the publication went viral and immediately began speculation about a possible infidelity to a current partner .

Days later, the same host of “Today” He closed the issue by supporting the musician at all times, who was on a walk with some family and friends along the shores of the Riviera Maya. What did Legarreta say?

In an interview with the media, Andrea Legarreta She described this situation as “stupid” because she knows that her husband has an individual life very different from the one they promote as a couple, which does not mean that there are “horns” or “betrayals” between them.

“For me, he has his job, he has his life, he goes on tour, he goes out with the 90′s (the show), there are many girls and boys, they stay in hotels and we on tour too, not for that. we are painting the horn, we do not betray ourselves, and we do not do things that could damage our history … I do not find absolutely anything wrong and disrespectful “, He said.

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“[Erik Rubín] and I know what we live. We also know that we have lived through tough times, complicated stages, but not this. This is stupid, it is wanting to find something negative where there is none “he warned. “Bad people are what they look for in the end”.

Legarreta made it clear that they are a solid couple and each has independent professional activities. “Those who believe that marriage means locking yourself up and not having an individual life, I respect them a lot, but for me it is not that”, he emphasized.

“That is not necessarily why we are painting the horn, we are betraying ourselves, nor are we doing things that can damage our history that is real. It is not an open marriage. It is a marriage of two people who, from day one, love each other. And we are together because we love each other. I am an independent woman who, perfectly, could say ‘I do not want to continue here’, I can be alone and be independent, just like him “added.

In this regard, the actress also pointed out that the woman in the images that went viral is the partner of one of Rubín’s friends; therefore, speculation does not concern him. However, he was against attacks on social networks. “I do believe that they are already passing. I believe, in truth, that the people of the networks are more and more cruel, each time they point out and attack more. Not all”he commented.

“There are people who give us a lot of love, but if I am very sad about that sector of society where they are waiting to see when someone does something that they can distort to attack someone and mock, attack, attack; celebrate, perhaps, the pain of others. That yes as a society gives me a lot of sadness “Andrea said.

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After the publication and clarification of this controversy, the presenter pointed out that her daughters “are not affected” because they know the reality of their parents. “It doesn’t have to hurt and affect you when you know the truth”, he pointed.

“They are girls who were born into this and they perfectly understand. When you live in a home like ours and you realize your parents’ relationship, you see how they get along, freedom and love “, he concluded.

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