Erik Rubín to Luis Miguel for not revealing his intimate parties: “May it remain in the memory”

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Andrea Legarreta’s husband, Erik Rubín thanked the singer Luis Miguel for not revealing his intimate parties, which he described as “fun”, but which should only be remembered.

His statements were given due to the success generated by the biographical series of Luis Miguel, produced by Netflix, in which various controversial stages of the Mexican divo were recounted.

Despite the great friendship that Erik Rubín had with Luis Miguel, the latter did not air some of the intimacies they shared when they were young, something that the artist thanked the artist on the Sale el Sol program.

Andrea Legarreta’s husband said that he was a very good friend of Luis Miguel during his youth and that they lived together great parties accompanied by other members of Timbiriche and Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin.

Good thing nothing came out! No, we better leave it that way. Yes, we had a hard time, pure good vibes the ‘Micky’, the net. In addition, it was a fun time where we were a group of friends: Sasha, Benny, ‘El Burro’ (Van Rankin), and we had a great time … How many times at Baby de Acapulco? Good times, brother. Let it remain there, nothing more in the memory of the four”, Revealed Erik Rubín.

I think he is a great artist. Yes, I am a friend of him, I have not seen him for many years, but a few years I was very close to him, and without a doubt it would be incredible to have something new and also to have the chance to play with other artists, because it is the fun part right? It nourishes me a lot when you’re creating new things, so I think it would be very good for him, I think it would inject him with very good energy “added the artist.

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