Erika Buenfil Reveals She “Didn’t want to be Pregnant”

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Erika Buenfil is a proud single mother who defends her son 3Nicolás tooth and nail, however, the actress revealed that when she learned that she was pregnant with Ernesto Zedillo Jr., son of the former Mexican president, she was invaded by fear.

Above all, because they had a fleeting romance and after the birth of the child, the father did not take care of him, so there were times when he came to think that the pregnancy had been a mistake.

This was admitted in a recent interview for the YouTube channel La saga, by Adela Micha, where she acknowledged that the idea of not having her baby never crossed her mind, but she did wonder what was going to be of her life.

“What am I going to do? I wanted to think that it was a mistake, that is, I did not want to be pregnant, not that I did not want to have it, but that ‘I was wrong and maybe it is a mistake and it is only a delay’, that yes (I thought). But then I fell in love with the idea,” he said.

He insisted that Zedillo Jr. he never took care of Nicholas: “He doesn’t keep, he doesn’t frequent,” he said. He also reiterated that the relationship between his son and his father is “very distant”, but revealed that the young man does have contact with his half-sisters.

To this day, the actress maintains a great relationship with her son, even, in several interviews she has said that it was he who encouraged her to launch herself into the world of social networks and that it was thanks to Nicolás that she has come to be crowned as the queen of Tik Tok.

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