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Erin Andrews on Pet Parenting and Her Purina Pro Plan Partnership

Erin Andrews on Pet Parenting and Her Purina Pro Plan Partnership

Being a pet parent comes with its own set of challenges and rewards, especially for those with active lifestyles. Purina Pro Plan understands these needs and offers food that helps keep all dogs living their best lives.

To highlight this, Purina Pro Plan has launched a new docuseries titled “Fueled By,” partnering with elite athletes to explore their dedication to their sport and the role of nutrition in their lives. The series also casts a spotlight on the active lives of their furry companions.

One notable participant in this project is Erin Andrews, a veteran sports reporter, and her Golden Retriever named Howie. We had the chance to discuss this partnership with Andrews, as well as her experience as a pet parent.

Dog O’Day: What inspired you to work with Purina Pro Plan on the Fueled By docuseries?

– Erind Andrews: “My dog really does eat it. We’ve been on Pro Plan for a really long time. Actually, it was something that my dog, Howie’s mom ate and that was a big deal with my breeder. I wanted to do exactly what his mom was on and with feeding him Pro Plan and Pro Plan sport, it’s a big deal for me, what I give him to eat. I take care of myself, my husband is a former professional athlete, and I’m obviously very interested in what fuels your body. And that’s the same for Howie. Just because he’s a dog, doesn’t mean I want to take care of him any less. So, we chose Pro Plan because it gives him the strength and it gives him the stamina that he needs to keep up with us and our active lifestyle. And he’s a Golden Retriever and they are so active, so I wanted to obviously maximize the nutrition as much as possible.”

Dog O’Day: What challenges do you face as a busy pet parent?

– Erind Andrews: “I think making sure that my dog stays on his schedule, he gets his exercise, he has people around him, he isn’t alone all the time, he gets fed when he’s used to getting fed – just like having a kid.”

Dog O’Day: What is the best part of being a pet parent for you?

– Erind Andrews: “I would say the love, the face, the snuggles, the kisses, and just how we’ve turned this dog into a real-life human.”

Dog O’Day: How has being a pet parent impacted your life?

– Erind Andrews: “It’s made me learn a lot about being responsible because this was my first baby. It’s made me realize how much I’m a dog person and I love being a dog person. Also, you have to stay active, especially with a golden retriever. You have to walk them, and make sure they’re getting enough exercise.”

Dog O’Day: What has being a pet parent taught you about yourself?

– Erind Andrews: “That I’m a big softy. That I love dogs and I love animals. Even when I’m in hotels on weekends without him, I miss having his bog 80lbs warm body on my bed, as much as I complain that he takes up all the room, I love that big furry guy a lot and snuggling up with him.”

Dog O’Day: If you were any dog breed, what would you be and why?

– Erind Andrews: “I would be a Golden Retriever just because I grew up with a Golden Retriever. I love Golden Retrievers. I have bouncy hair. This is what I say all the time as I’m looking at his luxurious blonde locks that he has, ‘do you know how much women pay for hair like this?’ And I try to remind myself of that as hair is all over the ground. As I’m sweeping up those lovely Golden Retriever tumbleweeds all over, but I would be a Golden. They are so happy and that’s kind of like the cool thing now is Golden Retrievers. Like they call guys that. They were calling Travis Kelce a Golden Retriever. My husband is definitely a Golden Retriever too. He’s just so happy to be invited.”

You can check out the Fueled By Docuseries on YouTube, featuring Erin Andrews, Michael Phelps, Lolo Jones, and Livvy Dunne.

Source: Dog O’Day