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Erin Napier Defends Her Family Against Online Rumors

Fans of the show “Home Town” are vocal on social media when they disapprove of the design choices seen in the renovated homes. Ben and Erin Napier, the couple at the heart of the show, often find themselves explaining that these choices are not entirely theirs. Erin told Mississippi Today, “You’re gonna hate that,” referring to what she sometimes thinks. But she added that if a homeowner is adamant about making a particular design choice, they explain their reasons and ultimately, it’s their house.

Even though the show takes deliberate steps to display the customers’ wishes, fans often direct their frustration at Ben and Erin for actualizing these ideas. Rather than shifting the blame to their clients, Ben and Erin step in to address the negative comments. They are also concerned that homeowners might see these harsh words and feel upset.

Erin doesn’t shy away from taking responsibility for style choices that receive heavy criticism. During the spring of 2024, viewers were particularly outspoken about their dislike for a sage green and white striped awning over the front door of a renovated home. Erin acknowledged the criticism on Instagram, admitting, “I know y’all were upset.” She further explained that it was a budgetary compromise. The other option, she noted, “would have made it too expensive to have any woodwork and larger trim inside.”

Despite the mixed reactions, Erin stands by the decisions made in-line with budget constraints and client desires. The Napiers continue to balance their creative vision with practical considerations, mindful of both their clients’ satisfaction and the audience’s opinions.

Source: Mississippi Today