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Ernest Announces One-Month Break from Music

Ernest, the acclaimed country singer, has announced he’s taking a short hiatus from touring to prioritize his family.

In a heartfelt social media post, Ernest revealed that while he cherishes performing for his fans, the constant touring has taken a toll on him and his toddler son, Ryman.

“I’m going to be taking about a month off to reset and spend some time at home with my family,” Ernest wrote. “My son, Ryman, is now at the age where every time I get home, he asks me if I’m leaving…and I just can’t stand hearing him ask for daddy thru a phone call anymore.”

“I wanna spend quality time at home and pour into that reserve,” he added.

Ernest and his wife, Delaney Royer, welcomed their son Ryman in April 2021. Earlier this spring, they celebrated his third birthday, and Ernest brought Ryman onstage as a special guest during his Stagecoach performance.

Following Ernest’s announcement, several fellow country star dads offered their support and shared their own experiences of the challenges of leaving children behind while on tour.

“The hardest part of what we do brother,” commented Randy Houser.

“Heard that buddy. Damn, it’s tough,” added Brent Cobb.

“Fam first,” said Devin Dawson, who welcomed his first child, a daughter named Iris, earlier this month.

Despite taking this break, Ernest reassured his fans that he will soon return to touring and is eager for what lies ahead. “I’m lucky to have a lot of incredible things coming up, and because of that I want to show up as my best self for my family and for you guys. We will be back on the road soon, and I can’t thank you all enough for the support — y’all be good,” he concluded.

Ernest is not just a country singer; he’s also a prominent songwriter in the genre. He is well-known for his close working relationships with Morgan Wallen and Hardy. Ernest and Wallen performed their hit duet, “Flower Shops,” during Ernest’s Grand Ole Opry debut in 2021.

Since his Grand Ole Opry debut, Ernest has forged a reputable path in the country music scene with the release of his album Flower Shops. He has been busy touring as both a headliner and as an opening act for Wallen on major stages across the country. Along the way, he has also collaborated with artists like Post Malone and Jelly Roll.

Ernest’s decision to take a break illustrates the often-overlooked personal sacrifices that artists make in their careers. By prioritizing time with his family, he shows a commitment to maintaining a balance between his professional and personal life. His upcoming return to touring is an event many fans eagerly await, and his decision has only deepened the respect his audience has for him.

Ernest’s friends and fellow artists stress the importance of family, echoing a sentiment that resonates with many in the industry. It’s a reminder that no matter how high the profile or demanding the career, the connection to family remains a cornerstone for many artists.

The support from other country stars underscores the shared experience within the music community regarding the difficulties of balancing family life with a rigorous touring schedule. For many, the road can be a bittersweet journey filled with the duality of thrilling performances and the ache of being away from loved ones.

As Ernest takes this well-deserved break, his fans are left with a hopeful note. His return promises to bring renewed energy and perhaps even new music inspired by his time spent at home.

For now, this pause is a testament to Ernest’s dedication to his family and a reminder that even in the spotlight, family remains paramount.

Source: Taste of Country