Errejón founded at the age of 22 an ultra-left group that promoted escraches and street violence

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Errejón founded at the age of 22 an ultra-left group that promoted escraches and street violence

The leader of Más País and co-founder of Podemos, Íñigo Errejón, reported for an alleged assault on a retiree on May 2, as revealed by OKDIARIO, has a long history of “disobedience” and “Solidarity” with violent actions from his time at the university, where at the age of 22 and together with the former Vice President of the Government Pablo Iglesias founded the ultra-left group AU Counterpower.

A collective that emerged as a Marxist student association, but soon became a tool for political activism that promoted barricades, squats and escraches, hoisting the motto ACAB (“All cops are bastards.” All cops are bastards).

The group AU Counterpower, to which the spokesperson of Más Madrid in the City Council of the capital also belonged, Rita Maestre, the brother of the leader of Más País, Guillermo Errejon, or the podemites Miguel Ardanuy, Héctor Meleiro Y Marina Montoto Ugarte, promoted and supported protest actions, of anti-system mechanics, not only within the Complutense University, but also outside.

Talk organized by the AU Contrapoder in support of violent protests in Rome.

Within Somosaguas, its members starred in the escrache to Rosa Diez, then UPyD leader, at a conference in 2010; the search (manifestation of public denunciation and repudiation against a person or group) a José Antonio Moral Santín, former director of Bankia with IU convicted of the tarjetas black, in full class in 2012; the boycott of the Atlántida Catholic cultural association and the assault on the chapel of said campus in 2011, as pointed out by different media citing police sources. Among those initially charged with the desecration – later it ceased to be so – the former senator was also found. Ramon Espinar.

Along with this, the AU Contrapoder also called for mobilization when arrests occurred, thus taking the side of street violence. For example, when the police arrested fifty radicals for erecting barricades and burning containers in the March 2014 strikes against the ley worth. In addition, this association also hung posters in favor of the ETA prisoners and the Batasuno leader Arnaldo Otegi.

At the international level, the AU Contrapoder also supported the violent protests that occurred in Italy in late 2010 against the educational reform of the Government of Silvio Berlusconi. So much so that even organized a talk with Claudia Bernardi, prominent militant of the Roman student movement, under the title The battle of rome, illustrating the call with an image of those serious confrontations with the Police.

Outside the University, this group also operated as a more radical left group in different collective actions. Among them, there were concentrations in front of the headquarters of the PP by Bárcenas papers or mobilizations in support of the squatting of the Wonderland Patio.

“Organize the rage”

The birth of the Contrapoder student association took place in October 2006 with a performance in the cafeteria of the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology of the UCM. The presentation ceremony consisted of the reading of a statement by Íñigo Errejón himself (then 22 years old) and the realization of a mural in homage to the Black Powerwhose “revolutionary” spirit they wanted to inherit. The aforementioned graffiti incorporated the slogan “Defend joy, organize anger”. Both Errejón and Iglesias were present.

The current deputy of More Country interrupted the students in the cafeteria, microphone in hand, to point out that the AU Contrapoder was presented this way because “the basis of all political action must be collective involvement and disobedience.” In addition, he stressed that they were wearing a white plastic jumpsuit -like those that have become popular in this pandemic- to «Represent the visible; to those who never speak; to those who are always silent. Now, he is a 67-year-old retiree who is not willing to shut up after reporting the alleged kick he received from Íñigo Errejón on May 2 and that, according to what he says, his inguinal hernia in his abdomen worsened as a result of colon cancer.

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