Errejón’s door slam to Yolanda Díaz: he strengthens his alliances for his own candidacy

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Plans Íñigo Errejón and of More Country They run very far from the “broad front” that Yolanda Díaz has launched with Podemos. The Madrid deputy, in low hours due to the complaint he has received for kicking a retiree that will take him to trial, is trying to save the political project he founded in 2019 with meetings throughout the national territory and even abroad.

In recent days, Errejón and his team have traveled to Zaragoza to weave ties with the regionalist party Chunta Aragonesista. In the same way, he travels this weekend to Seville to participate in the II Andalusian Assembly of More Country Andalusia.

He is also taking advantage of the presentation tour for his new book (With everything, Editorial Planeta) to visit other cities and put order at an organic level in the training he leads. Has been in capitals like Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Murcia, Barcelona and municipalities such as Alcorcón in recent weeks with the excuse of its publication. It is a strategy to meet with your trusted cadres and lay the foundations for the future of More Country.

On the other hand, the international level. One of the great priorities of errejonism is retain the support of the European Green Party. Being the reference environmental training in Spain opens the doors to key resources and visibility. For this reason, Errejón does not want to hear that Alianza Verde, the new party of the former leader of Equo Juantxo López de Uralde, steals that alliance. In any case, at the European level, United We Can is in the group of the radical left and, therefore, such an agreement in parallel with the European Greens would be difficult.

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In this sense, Errejón together with Ines Sabanés, a deputy in Congress, and Hector Tejero Franco, a member of parliament in the Madrid Assembly, has visited his partners in Brussels this week. In the community capital he has met with representatives of the European Green Party and its group in the European Parliament.

During the visit, he took the opportunity to make visible the flag that Errejón wants to lead. One of them is the pilot project of four-day workweeks and the legalization of joints marijuana.

Goodbye Carmena

On the negative plane, Errejón it has lost the endorsement of Carmena. The mayor of Madrid has abandoned her participation in the Errejonista project that she herself co-founded to run for re-election in the capital of Spain. The councilor does not see with good eyes that Más Madrid has become a political party to use with the classic structures far from the platform of independent citizens that she had agreed with Errejón. Now he winks at the Mixed Group of Madrid where his closest collaborators are: Marta Higueras, Luis Cueto, José Manuel Calvo and Felipe Llamas.

Manuela Carmena Íñigo Errejón
Manuela Carmena and Íñigo Errejón, in file image.

The former mayor, on the contrary, has stepped forward to support Yolanda Díaz which, for now, shares the discourse of overcoming the initials of the political parties. You want to head a candidacy where the first name on the list has all the control.

Garzón pressure

On the other hand, this Friday he raised his voice Alberto Garzon to pressure Errejón. Despite the fact that in Podemos they have not yet digested the break with the former right-hand man of Iglesias and not everyone believes in reconciliation, the Minister of Consumption has been clear: “No one would forgive a separate presentation.”

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Alberto Garzón has stated that Errejón should join the movement promoted by the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor because, he considers, his leadership is “inevitable”. In an interview in TVE, He has pointed out that the Errejón y Más País project is a necessary part for the left-wing government to remain in La Moncloa. “They should be part of this meeting project,” he said.

«Understanding that Yolanda Díaz can represent all those sectors, it will be inevitable, no one would forgive in a hypothetical general election of 2023 that we were divided», Has indicated the also national leader of IU. He considers that errejonism has “central” aspects in common and has underlined: “From IU we have it clear and we will promote it.

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