Escarcho 420-9000: what does this number mean in Lima and what is its history

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If you have walked through the streets of Lima or in the provinces, you will have noticed a strange number engraved on the walls: Escarcho 420-9000. Although it seems that it is a simple ad about frosty, the truth is that it is strange that this message is not only seen in Lima, but on various walls throughout all of Peru.

It is not strange that the lands in the country are marked in this way, especially those that are with some Legal problem and they want to be sold illegally by scammers. Sometimes even these messages are authentic, in an attempt by their owners to get rid of the property.

In these cases, offering frosted walls does not seem outside the real estate category either, but the strange thing is that the number is always the same and no one seems to answer the number in question. This was reported by a user of TikTok which added this to many other mysteries that exist in Lima and provinces.

First of all, it should be mentioned that frosty is the technique which consists of cladding a wall of cement or a ceiling from a granulateThis is for decorative purposes or as a protection for the main layer.

On the other hand, the number on the wall is for a landline phone, not a cell phone. To this, mentions that other phone numbers associated with this message have also been found, such as 4541540, 7334963, 6662248 and many others that users have put in the comments of the video of TikTok.

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As mentioned above, these ads are not uncommon to see on the walls of buildings that seem abandoned or even unbuilt, but the strange thing about this case is that a fixed number that should only work in one province, is all over the country .

This is where users of TikTok they cannot agree. Some people claim that they called the number and were answered by a strange voice, as if expecting me to ask the right questions or need some key words to answer.

Others commented that they received no response, so most have theorized that this is a number for kidnappers linked to human trafficking. Another popular theory is that this word and number is to indicate that drugs are sold in that area because of the mention of the 420 on the phone, although they do not mention a real number for reasons of anonymity.

However, the most positive theory is that this signal is used between bricklayers and local workers to indicate that these jobs are needed and could be found nearby. There is no clear answer from this number, so it will continue to be a controversial topic in the Internet forums.

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