“Esmeralda Moya reveals emotional journey of father’s illness for the first time”

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Esmeralda Moya Talks About Her Father’s Battle with Parkinson’s

Actress Esmeralda Moya has opened up for the first time about her family’s struggle with Parkinson’s disease. In a recent interview, she shared that her father has been battling the neurological condition for the past six years. Parkinson’s typically affects one percent of people over the age of 65, and while tremors are often associated with the disease, it can also cause depression, apathy, cognitive impairment, tiredness, urinary problems, constipation and pain.

The Beginning of the Battle

Moya recalls the initial shock her family felt upon discovering her father’s diagnosis. “When it all started, we couldn’t find an explanation or know where to go to help him,” she shared. “It came to us like a stone that we didn’t know how to move to see the light because people are not prepared to fit in when things come unexpectedly.” However, Moya’s family found support from friends, doctors and the Parkinson Torrejón Association. Her mother set up their home to make her father comfortable and happy.

Quality of Life for Parkinson’s Patients

Treatments are available to help Parkinson’s patients maintain their quality of life, but the disease inevitably progresses. Moya hopes that her father’s condition will slow down, stabilize, or not advance, but still feels the heartbreaking pain of seeing the disease slowly take him away.

A Father’s Strength and Bravery

Despite the difficulties of watching her father battle Parkinson’s, Moya remains thankful for her support system. “We feel very supported, and from here, I want to thank you all,” she shared. “Heartfelt thanks to all the people who know us and take care of us, treat them with affection and help. We are lucky because you are not just a few, you are many, and that is how we feel your warmth.”

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Moya added that despite everything, her father continues to fight and be brave. “He is a lion,” she said with pride. “He always has been and will never stop being one. He is my hero, the person who has taught me to be a free and independent woman.”

Numerous colleagues, including Marta Hazas, Nerea Garmendia, Paula Prendes, Ginés García Millán, Elena Furiase, and Luisa Martín, have shown their support for Moya’s family in the wake of the interview.

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