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ESPN’s Joe Tessitore Joins WWE Broadcast Team

Joe Tessitore, known for his work in college football and boxing broadcasting, is expanding his portfolio to include WWE. Tessitore will join Corey Graves and Wade Barrett in a three-person booth as the play-by-play announcer, as announced by WWE on Tuesday.

“WWE is the most unique TV show there is,” Tessitore shared with ESPN. “It’s live theatrical-level entertainment while being a network-level sports event. That requires a unique skill set to call. There’s no down and distance, there’s no scoreboard. You have to have the eye to build anticipation.”

Tessitore brings with him extensive experience in boxing broadcasting with ESPN, a role he has held since 2002, coupled with his lifelong passion for wrestling. Over the past three years, he has spearheaded WrestleMania coverage on “SportsCenter” and is a regular presence ringside at WWE’s premium live events.

His wrestling journey began in the 1970s in upstate New York, where he first attended events featuring WWE Hall of Famers like Bob Backlund and Chief Jay Strongbow.

“This was an irresistible move for me to add this to my ABC and ESPN work,” Tessitore commented. “What Triple H and Nick Khan have achieved and continue to do week after week with their leadership style is incredible. As a lifelong fan, I’ve noticed a newfound freedom where they’ve empowered the superstars, the creative team, and the broadcasters to be the best version of themselves on their terms. The success is evident in how the fans and media are reacting.”

WWE has seen record-setting business in recent months, marked by the return of The Rock at WrestleMania XL and compelling storylines featuring stars like Cody Rhodes and The Bloodline. The organization continues to deliver its weekly shows, “Raw” on Mondays and “SmackDown” every Friday, maintaining its status as the longest episodic show in TV history.

“The broadcasts are so strong,” Tessitore noted. “I think Corey and Wade are absolute stars in the making. I’ve watched Michael Cole throughout his career, and he deserves to be mentioned among the great mainstream network broadcasters of our generation. I’m truly honored to be by their side.”

Source: ESPN, WWE