Ester Exposito and Alejandro Speitzer, who caused the separation of the famous couple

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Ester Exposito and Alejandro Speitzer, who caused the separation of the famous couple

Big surprise. The simple fact of seeing the Spanish actress Ester Exposito and the mexican actor Alexander Speitzer attending separately to an important event in Milan (Italy) surprised thousands of his followers who slipped the possibility that the romance between the two characters would have come to an end.

The rumors of the separation have gained more force in recent weeks and this occurs due to some aspects that were recently revealed. One of them was that the couple went each by their side to an event of the Italian jewelry brand bvlgari.

Dressed in white they were shown to the public and shared photos and videos of the ceremony, but neither of them evidenced material next to the other, something they always did since the beginning of their relationship. It should be noted that this event took place in the Italian municipality of Milan.

The presence of the actors was like ambassadors of the brand, although it drew the attention of those present that since their arrival at the place neither of them spoke and they decided to sit at different tables.

The communication medium Whoo Psee, was able to interview Foundling in Italy where he was asked whether the relationship with Speitzer it had come to an end. This, apparently, was not to the liking of the actress who only managed to make an exclamation of surprise and did not want to answer the question.

Another detail that the love is over and that was highlighted by the couple’s followers is that before they sent likes and shared romantic publications on social networks and now that has changed a lot.

Another medium that touched on this issue was magazine TVNotas who published a note in which a friend of the couple, whose name is being withheld, who revealed what would apparently be the true reasons for this estrangement.

In the magazine it is specified that the actor could not consolidate any project due to his way of being. “He behaved very arrogant and hateful every time she introduced him to someone to be included in a project or commercial, because very little was done to him, he only accepted to be the image of a jewelry and luxury goods brand, and of a of clothes”said the source.

Another comment from the revealing source was that despite the fact that between the two they had agreed to pay all the expenses of the department that Exposito has in Madrid and that the two of them would keep it clean, he didn’t give the money.

Therefore, he adds that the end of the relationship occurred after Exposito spoke with him on several occasions, but Speitzer refused, which caused the annoyance of his partner, so Ester decided to pack his things in suitcases and asked him let him go.

But the version released by the aforementioned media had an immediate response from the actress who decided to talk about the issue through her social networks. She denied that she kicked the actor out of the house.

“I find the absolutely false information that has been given in a media unfortunate.”, He published on the social network Instagram.

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