Ester Exposito spoke about her relationship with Alejandro Speitzer: Did it come to an end?

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Ester Exposito spoke about her relationship with Alejandro Speitzer: Did it come to an end?

It started as a rumor, but Ester Exposito Y Alexander Speitzer they became one of the fan favorite couples over the past year. According to some reports, it was said that they were separated, although in good terms. The big problem came when various media affirmed the reason for the separation and the actress came out to clarify things.

The interpreters met in Spain in October 2019, the same time that the streaming service Netflix confirmed that they would be together in Manolo Caro’s new series, Someone has to die. Since that meeting, they shared many photos together on social networks and then confirmed their union.

What happened in the last hours was that information about a break began to circulate, and that’s why the former star of Elite posted a statement on his Instagram: “I find it unfortunate the absolutely FALSE and cruel information that has been given in the media (if it can be called that) about Alejandro and what my relationship with him has been”, starts.

A friend of the actress gave an interview to TVNotas, from Mexico, and there she talked about what supposedly happened: “She grabbed all of Álex’s things, put them in suitcases, threw them into the hall of the building and yelled at him: ‘I want you to go, you’re a kept man!’ She told him not to worry, that in Spain she would help him to get projects in the media and in the brands. She did and put everything “. Finally, these words were denied by Exposito.

As the hours go by Speitzer He also made reference to this, but dedicating a statement to Esther: “What you have written has been a hug to the soul. You are an exemplary and wonderful woman in every way. I appreciate the words with which you define me; the affection, admiration and respect is mutual. Infinite thanks for being “.


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