Estrella Torres forgets Tommy Portugal and is captured very affectionate with a model | VIDEO

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The cameras of “Magaly TV: La Firme” captured Star Torres kissing passionately with the model Kevin Salas, who participated in his latest video clip.

In the images presented by Magaly Medina, we see the young man at Estrella’s concert and later they both left her apartment, where until recently he lived with Tommy Portugal.

Before entering the house, both were caught walking hand in hand and even giving each other an affectionate kiss. Estrella Torres and who would be her new partner stayed all night together and, the next morning, both left embracing.

“They come out as a normal, loving, caring couple, walking the streets. They are not interested in hiding, because they go down the street hugging, kissing and holding hands. It’s official, Estrellita has already found a replacement for Tommy Portugal ”, Magaly Medina mentioned after seeing the images.

Just a few weeks ago, Estrella Torres tearfully confirmed the end of her relationship with Tommy Portugal on the “Mujeres Al Mando” program.

“My heart is calm, focused on mine, my family and now, I think I closed a stage … Yes, we finished. He is my great friend, he always will be and I love him a lot, he knows it. He will always be a very important person for me, nothing more ”, said, notably excited, Estrella Torres.

“He is an excellent person and deserves all the best. It was nothing bad, I want to clarify so that there is no speculation out of respect for his family, I love them a lot. I want to clarify that we are still good friends. There was always respect ”, added.

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