Eternals confirms that Superman exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – MRT

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Did you think the Avengers were the most powerful team of heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well, the production company will introduce the Eternals in a tape only dedicated to them.

They are one of the oldest races in the universe and can manipulate cosmic energy for different purposes. In the last meeting with the actors, one by one is explained what their abilities are.

Sersi, for example, has the power to manipulate matter around her; Ikaris, on the other hand, is able to channel energy through his eyes like laser beams. This has been compared to Superman and it is not far-fetched to think so.

Precisely, in the last images of the tape it is seen that one of the sons of the Eternals tells him that Ikaris is like Superman. “But I don’t wear a cape,” explains the character before this statement.

“Eternals” will hit theaters on November 5 this year. Recall that Marvel Studios had planned to release the film at the end of 2020 but they were forced to move their entire release schedule due to the coronavirus.

Eternals confirms that Superman exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – MRT

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