Eternals fan theories!

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Fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe They were enthusiastic about the trailer of Eternals and the action scenes that they could see in that preview. Sure, some theories came out of the images he shared Marvel about the next entry of the MCU On cinemas. What most caught the attention of the public is why these powerful characters did not intervene when Thanos wiped out half the Universe in the Infinity Saga.

The trailer highlights that Eternals can intervene in human history only when it comes to the threat of Deviants, other beings created by the powerful Celestials. However, the clarification doesn’t seem to convince the fandom that keeps asking about this striking situation. What theories do fans have after seeing the movie trailer?

What does the fandom imagine about Eternals?

Followers are sure they have identified three Celestials in the new images of the film. Is about Arishem The Judge, Jemiah The Analizer y Eson The Searcher. The latter had already debuted in the MCU during Guardians of the Galaxy. There were doubts about one of these characters who in appearance is similar to the villain Galactus. The enthusiasm to see the enemy of the Fantastic four it did not last long.

Maybe we didn’t see the world devourer, but the followers of Marvel They are sure to have found another supervillain in the trailer: Inn, the leader of the Deviants. In this case, the dangerous race created by the Celestials does not appear to be a group of “mutated humans”. They are horrible creatures with a lot of power, they could be monsters or aliens, according to the theories.

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Another crazy idea on the internet says that Ikaris might be trying to separate the Eternals and that he would be behind the attack of the Deviants. This is clear from the producer’s comments Nate Moore: “It’s like a road trip with your friends for 7000 years. We joke that this would be the relationship of Tony Stark y Steve Rogers if they lived during that time. Friendship would turn into enmity and then return to normal because of the bond that unites them. It’s like a family. “

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