Eternals has been banned in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar for featuring gay characters

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Eternals, the new movie of Marvel Studios, is about to hit movie theaters around the world, since its premiere is scheduled for tomorrow, November 5, 2021. And we say in almost the entire world because some territories have decided do not release the new film by Chloé Zhao; This is the case in several countries of the Persian Gulf such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar, which have refused to release the film because they cannot censor it. This is how the media publishes it The Hollywood Reporter, collecting testimonies that assure that the presence of the MCU’s first homosexual superhero it has not been well received by the census authorities in those places.

Phastos, the MCU’s first homosexual hero

Thus, the American media assures that Eternals had scheduled its premiere in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar on November 11, despite the fact that the censorship tried to act on the original footage of the film. By refusing Disney, Eternals has disappeared from the web pages in these countries, although in others such as Arab Emirates still remains as the next release.

And it is that according to sources belonging to a chain of cinemas in the region point to The Hollywood Reporter, the censorship tried to veto the presence of scenes related to the Phastos sexuality, the MCU’s first superhero openly homosexualHe was played by the actor Brian Tyree Henry. Let us remember that in the Persian Gulf homosexuality is considered illegal and the censorship acts against any demonstration or reference to the gay community.

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In the past, its director Chole Zhao yes manifested his intention to avoid any cut or censorship in reference to Phastos’ homosexuality, reaching an agreement with Disney and Marvel to not give in to any hint of censorship.

Source | The Hollywood Reporter


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