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Ethel Pozo reveals that Diana Sánchez received a call from her boyfriend before deciding to leave “Show Queens” | VIDEO – MAG.

The live resignation of Diana Sanchez a “Show Queens” unleashed a wave of speculation because, so far, the exact reasons that led her to make this decision are not known.

In that sense, this Monday morning in “America Hoy”, Ethel Pozo revealed that the influencer received a call from her boyfriend while rehearsing with his dancer for versus with Gabriela Herrera.

“They tell me that she receives a call from her boyfriend when she was in full rehearsals and from this call she falls apart “Janet Barboza asked her partner.

“It is up to Diana, of course, to tell -whenever she wants- what she is going through, what is happening to her, but yes Janet we know that is what happened “, Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter initially responded.

“She received the call from her boyfriend and that’s all we know and what we can say and without a doubt This is a very difficult situation and stage for Diana that we hope she will overcome and that everything goes well. “, added.

For its part, Melissa Paredes reaffirmed what her partner said and gave some more details about what is happening to her. “Diana is undoubtedly a girl with a lot of claw who does not leave anything in between, who always gives everything and is passionate about what she does”, said.

“I want you to know at home that this is something deeply serious, so much for her for all the situation she is living, that as Ethel said, she (Diana) has to tell it. It is private life, it is the health of other people “, ended.

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