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Ethel Pozo surprised by her boyfriend’s culinary qualities “I refer to the tests” – MAG.

The host of the program ‘América hoy’, Ethel Pozo was surprised by the culinary qualities of her boyfriend Julián Alexander, who was encouraged to prepare a delicious meat lasagna last Sunday.

This is how Ethel told it through various videos that she published for her more than 700 thousand followers on Instagram, where she is very affectionate to say that she loves her future husband.

Good morning as you are, I hope you are well with your family, I tell you that yesterday I learned that my boyfriend Julián not only says that he cooks, but that he loves to cook. First news, then I said to the tests I refer, seeing is believingEthel Pozo is heard saying, very surprised.

Then she goes to the kitchen and shows how her boyfriend prepares the red sauce, the white sauce for lasagna accompanied by his favorite music. “Everything under control … (I like to cook) All my life”Julián says before his girlfriend’s camera.

As it is remembered, in July of this year Julián Alexander proposed to Ethel Pozo during his vacation trip to Isla Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico. The couple will wait until next year to set the wedding date. Apparently they would be waiting for the new coronavirus pandemic to pass to celebrate in a big way.

We had gone for a walk to Isla Mujeres and at one point Julián told me: ‘Let’s go to the sea, love, but a little further away, let’s go with the girls.’ So we entered the sea, we are there and ‘Dome’ and ‘Lu’ weren’t coming, they were lingering. They say that they were with my cousins ​​very nervous, they had already agreed that one entered recording and another with the ring“Ethel recounted in ‘America hoy’.

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