Ethereum: Last Test before the merger successfully completes

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Major cryptocurrencies are trading higher on Thursday. In addition to the upward momentum following the inflation data in the United States, Ethereum also has another good news: The network has successfully carried out the last test before the event known as Fusion, by which the chain of tests of the new protocol will be merged with the main chain.

Ethereum rises above 2 digits and accumulates a rise of 12% so far in August, after shooting its value at almost 60% in July.

Experts point out that if it continues its upward path it could reach $ 2,000 shortly.

Ansgar Dietrichs, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, said in a tweet that the most relevant metric for success when it comes to a test like this is looking at the time to completion. He called it “another successful test.”

The timing of the update will be discussed at a meeting of Ethereum’s core developers this Thursday. The previous consensus indicated that Fusion should take effect in mid-September.

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