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European Union leaders have promised Ukraine that they will work to guarantee its gas supply. Fearing a cold winter, amid the energy crisis and criticism of Russia, reported in several European capitals for taking advantage of the situation to force the approval of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which avoids Ukraine as a transit country, the Heads of the community institutions have pledged in Kiev with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, to increase gas shipments from the EU. At a summit in the Ukrainian capital, community leaders have also agreed to strengthen cooperation in defense matters and are studying sending a military training mission to the eastern country, a strategic point for the EU and for NATO in their relations with Russia and embroiled in a war for eight years with the Kremlin-backed pro-Russian separatists.

As temperatures drop and energy prices skyrocket, supply has become a key issue in recent weeks. Also the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which runs under the Baltic Sea and will deliver Russian gas directly to Germany, and which Kiev opposes because it could lose more than 2 billion dollars (about 1,735 million euros) a year in transit fees and because it fears that this will also erode its international position.

This Tuesday, in Kiev, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, pointed out the formulas on which the EU will work to “safeguard the energy security” of Ukraine. “It would include [la opción de] increase the gas supply capacity from the EU Member States and also, if necessary, to work on arrangements to establish an additional reverse flow from Slovakia ”, said Von der Leyen at a press conference together with the President of the Council. European, Charles Michel, and President Zelenski. After the meeting, in which the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, also participated, the Ukrainian leader again expressed his disagreement with Nord Stream 2, which is still pending final approval to start pumping.

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Ukraine was one of the largest consumers of natural gas in Russia until in 2014 Moscow annexed the Crimean peninsula with a referendum deemed illegal by the international community. In November 2015, Kiev stopped buying gas from Russia and increased purchases from Europe, although the majority of that product is actually resold Russian gas.

Military cooperation

After a spring alert from the EU and NATO for the deployment of tens of thousands of Russian soldiers along the borders with Ukraine and for the escalation in the Donbas conflict with separatists supported militarily and politically by the Kremlin, Brussels is studying the sending a military training mission to Kiev. A group of European experts is already in Ukraine, Charles Michel explained, and they are meeting with Ukrainian representatives to discuss concrete projects.

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Those in charge of the community institutions spoke of economic and commercial relations. Also of the reforms in justice and the fight against corruption on which Ukraine has to advance in order to stay on the path of cooperation with the EU. However, to the frustration of Kiev, they made visible that the eventual accession of the eastern country to the community club is not even an issue on the table. “We are a European family and we work together,” Von der Leyen insisted at the press conference. To which Zelenski regretted the EU’s refusal to discuss a timetable for his candidacy for accession. “We are walking on a path, but where is the finish line?” Zelenski stressed. “Exists? The Ukrainians want to hear that signal. “

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