EU soybean imports in 2022/23 to September 18 fall to 2.50 million tons

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European Union soybean imports in the 2022/23 campaign that started on July 1 totaled 2.5 million tonnes as of September 18, the European Commission said on Tuesday, down from 2.92 million tons in the same week of the previous campaign.

However, the Commission said that figures as of that date may be incomplete.

EU rapeseed imports rose to 1.30 million tonnes, up from 1.03 million tonnes a year earlier.

Soybean meal imports in the same period amounted to 3.45 million tons, compared to 3.52 million in the previous campaign, while palm oil imports fell sharply to 766,269 tons, compared to 1, 33 million from the 2021/22 campaign.

EU imports of sunflower oil, which mostly comes from Ukraine, stood at 359,173 tonnes, up from 315,279 tonnes a year earlier, according to the data.

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