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Eugenia Osborne Shares Her Thoughts on Bertín Osborne’s New Paternity Journey

If there is an event that has revolutionized our society after the wedding of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva, that is the new paternity of Bertín Osborne at the age of 69 together with the model and businesswoman Gabriela Guillén, 32.

The news jumped like a real bombshell yesterday morning and the reactions around the arrival of what will be the artist’s sixth child did not take long to follow.

Eugenia Osborne, daughter of Bertín- This is María Gabriela Guillén, the businesswoman and model with whom Bertín Osborne is going to be a father again- From Richard Gere to Bertín Osborne, the artists who have been parents for more than 65 years

After meeting the first words of the presenter who pointed out that “it was not an expected pregnancy” but that this did not mean that he was hating the baby and the impressions of the future mother who clarified that “it had been a surprise, but not an accident”, the media wanted to know the reaction of his three eldest daughters and after the sepulchral silence of Alejandra and Claudia, it was Eugenia who broke this silence and came out in defense of her father.

Eugenia Osborne, daughter of Bertín

“He is my father, my sisters and I will always support him do what you do or say what you say” Eugenia declared to the Europa Press microphones after attending Sebastián Yatra’s exclusive concert in the Kapital room in Madrid.

“The only thing I can say is that you have already heard what the protagonists have said and I am not going to say anything. I am not going to comment, you have already listened to my father and you have also listened to Gabi, that’s it” added the daughter de Bertín.

Eugenia Osborne together with Bertín and her ex, Fabiola Martínez

Eugenia, who has always been very close to her father, wanted to downplay the matter and break a spear in favor of the singer, who will welcome her sixth child at the end of 2023. “A baby is always a joy, my mother used to say so,” declared the middle of Bertín’s daughters, who assured that she had spent a few days in the field with her father and that she saw him very well.

Continue reading the story Eugenia, For his part, he is living his particular love story next to the Galician professor and lawyer Miguel Barreiro, after separating in 2021 from Juan Melgarejo, father of his three children.

“I am in a very sweet moment, very calm, very happy, really, at peace, which is what I have been looking for for a long time and I am getting it,” she declared.

“He is a man with whom it is very interesting to talk, it is what we do the most, we do not watch any movies together, we are talking all day about all kinds of topics, I am learning a lot with him and he is a very good person” added the coach and influencer, who pointed out that Miguel had integrated very well into his family.

Bertín Osborne with María Gabriella Guillén- Eugenia Osborne gives her opinion on the possibility of her father remaking his life

Eugenia Osborne and Miguel Barreiro, love in paradise on the way to his first year together

In addition to having the support of his daughters, Bertín also has the support of his ex-wife, Fabiola Martínez, and mother of his two young children, Kike, 16, and Carlitos, 14. “I don’t have what to be wrong. He told me, he told me. I laughed and did not scold him at all. I think he has sinned in trusting and until now his way of doing things had worked for him, “declared the Venezuelan in the program And now Sonsoles. ‘My job is that my children have a bond with the creature that comes,’ she added.

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