Eugenio Derbez: the case of animal abuse in Tlalnepantla that infuriated the actor

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The actor and comedian was very indignant and dismayed Eugenio Derbez After July 25, 2021, a video circulated on social networks where it is seen that eight members of a family in Tlalnepantla (State of Mexico) murder a dog, without any remorse. The relevant authorities are currently carrying out investigations into the case.

The act was questioned and rejected by thousands of users on social networks. Precisely, one of the voices that joined to ask for justice for the animal and for the people who are responsible to be punished was the creator of the program “The P.luche family”.

Taking into account that all types of animal abuse are punishable in said Mexican state, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) decided to open an investigation folder and began the corresponding investigations to determine the names of the culprits and the reasons for the incident.

The video of this event was uploaded to social networks, generating the indignation of people and animal defenders. Given this, the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Tlalnepantla carried out the search of the house which is located in the neighborhood Santa Maria Tlayacampa.

The troops reached the roof of the building where they found knives and clothes with traces of blood.

According to a statement from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM), to which he had access , the place was insured derived from the crime of animal abuse.

The events were made known by social networks and the media, through the dissemination of a video in which several people are observed injuring a dog, which was found lifeless on the roof of the indicated house.”The document reads.

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Among the evidence found are a kitchen knife with a wooden handle measuring almost 25 centimeters, a pair of shoes, brown pants, a metal motor and a kitchen knife with a yellow plastic handle.

According to official information the event occurred on July 21, 2021, the dog died at the hands of its own owners and the dissemination occurred on July 25 where eight members of a family without any qualms murdered the dog for having bitten one of the women.

The renowned Mexican actor Eugenio DerbezAfter seeing the video that was disseminated on social networks, he used his Twitter to raise his voice in protest, demand justice and that those responsible be punished.

Once again we see cases and cases of animal abuse parading through the networks, but very few cases reach a legal process that ends in the application of the law against the aggressors. Abuse in the State of Mexico is a crime and today, in this case, the complaint and this video are held as evidence. This act cannot go unpunished”, He expressed.

In this way the comedian points out that violence should not be allowed to any degree.

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