Eugenio Derbez, why he was accused of animal abuse

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Eugenio Derbez, why he was accused of animal abuse

Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez, was in the news again, but this time not because of his humorous gifts, nor because of his reality or films that he may be producing, but because of an event in which his pet “Fiona” was involved. The comedian was accused by followers of having committed animal abuse.

Derbez has a dog bulldog who is calling “Fiona”, in honor of the ogre’s girlfriend in the remembered movie Shrek. The actor is also known for taking his pet everywhere, even when he has days of recording showing his love for dogs.

However, the thousands of followers of the actor’s social networks questioned his actions after posting a video showing the animal that was falling asleep without any blanket on the floor. This was not overlooked by the people who lashed out at the former P ‘Luche family member.

It all started when the actor Eugenio Derbez who was in the recording studio published in a video on his social networks where his pet “Fiona” was appreciated, who tried not to fall asleep on the floor.

My poor Fiona, accompanying me every day to film, sometimes until five or six in the morning. Falling asleep standing or sitting“Derbez posted.

This caused people to react and question him for not giving the bulldog better care.

Shame should give you this post. Why not take a little bed everywhere if you know that it will expose you to long hours of work. There is old Fiona”Posted a user.

But there were also those who came out in defense of the actor and responded to the criticism that was made to the comedian.

In these times that we are living that even if you fuck a pe ** they are already offended … and he uploading this video. They are going to swallow it beautifully in the networks”Read a post.

Other followers also assured that Derbez takes good care of the dog and does not mistreat her.

Although the criticisms were many, Aislinn Derbez, daughter of the actor congratulated her father on Father’s Day and for this she made use of social networks.

One day (I was 12 years old) my dad stopped by to take me for a walk and I showed him with great fear and sorrow my grades (I had failed math)”, He commented.

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