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Quito, Ecuador will become another step in the “long farewell” to the Argentine humor group Les Luthiers. The group, with a 55-year career, 8,000 shows, and millions of laughs, will soon come to an end. Only two of the original quintet remain, Jorge Maronna and Carlos López Puccio, who arrived in Quito with “new” members of the group: Martín O’Connor, Horacio “Tato” Turano, Roberto Antier and Tomás Mayer-Wolf, to give two performances before traveling to Mexico in their prolonged farewell to the stage.

In a recent interview with EFE, Maronna shared that the farewell is difficult due to mixed feelings since they are leaving behind “a beloved son”. He cannot imagine the moment when the curtain falls because he started in the show at the age of 19- “All my life at Les Luthiers”. The farewell has given them an opportunity to reconnect with the public in a closer way. López, another dean of the group, recalled that in 2019, they decided to stop living from the “reiteration of memories” in their shows and wrote a new work “with a huge affective, sentimental, artistic charge.”

The farewell show, “Más Tropiezos de Mastropiero,” features parts from yesteryear for the most nostalgic and a large number of new elements. The show maintains the DNA of the 55 years of Les Luthiers, the humorous set-musical that first arrived in Ecuador in 1984. With its traditional classical style, the group combines intelligence, culture, refinement, and elegance in its shows.

While the families of the group have enjoyed and savored the phenomenon of Les Luthiers, they still do not understand the decision of the final point. More than half a century on stage finds the “historic” members of the group, López and Maronna, with very blurry plans for the future.

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Maronna shares that she does not have a defined plan B after retirement. The group plans to continue with performances but has not announced the locations. For now, they are enjoying their long farewell with their beloved fans.

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