Euphoria: Why are Faye’s Lips so Controversial?

Faye (Chloe Cherry)

Euphoria is an unprecedented success on HBO, capable of rivaling Game of Thrones in millions of viewers and becoming the most talked-about series on social networks. Not without controversy, especially in relation to his controversial filming, in the series of Sam Levinson and Zendaya has highlighted Faye (Chloe Cherry),” a porn actress who has gone on television and who has generated a somewhat strange debate around the lips that she looks in the production.

Cherry’s fleshy lips in Euphoria conquer Twitter

Faye has been gaining weight in the second season of Euphoria, being vital to the fate of Fez (Angus Cloud), and proving that the actress who gives her life, Chloe Cherry, has a lot to say. However, and despite the fact that his interpretive skills are more than remarkable, on the internet everyone has noticed one detail: his lips. In statements of the actress for Variety, she wanted to settle the matter and try to explain the issue a little, as well as how she feels with fame. “The number of headlines I’ve seen and people who have posted and commented on my lips has been surreal. It’s crazy because you have to realize that at some point in my life I had those lips and nobody reacted like that, at least not in my face,” Cherry explains.

“It feels like something unreal that so many people say they love you on the show, but it really does,” says Cherry, who while happy with her rise to fame, has some moments of doubt and crisis. “I don’t know, it’s also weird to see memes and things about it because these talking points are about my body and I didn’t fully understand what the goal or the problem was. I guess this is what happens when you’re known on a much larger scale,” he continues.”Cherry has felt like an ‘object woman’ in porn and now does not understand the madness of her lips on the internet.

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However, Cherry knows what it is to be the object of criticism and desire, as she worked for many years in the industry, starring in more than 600 films and being nominated at the XBIZ Awards for Best New Actress. After those years, Cherry made the leap to film and series, being chosen by the producers of Euphoria for a role that has become one of the most applauded and complex of the HBO fashion series.

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