Europa-Cloud Gaia-X: 16 lighthouse projects for data-driven business models

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16 consortia emerged as winners from a funding competition of the Federal Ministry of Economics, which is about innovative applications in the digital ecosystem Gaia-X. The partnerships mentioned by the Minister of Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier lighthouse projects should show in the coming months what added value a sovereign data infrastructure offers in the development of data-driven business models, AI-based services and the establishment of European data rooms.

According to the ministry, there were a total of 130 applications. The now selected consortia (PDF) cover projects from sectors such as health, legal, finance, education, energy, construction and manufacturing, aerospace, maritime, as well as from the agricultural and public sectors.

Funding of around 175 million euros should be available for the 16 lighthouse projects by the end of 2024. The projects will be approved in two tranches, the first should be able to start work in 2021.

One of them is the “Autowerkstatt 4.0” project, in which the eco-Verband, Auto -teile-Unger and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, among others, are involved. You want to create a platform for the exchange of industry-specific data. A specific application would be a simpler, targeted troubleshooting in a motor vehicle.

The “Cooperants” project with Airbus Defense and Space, among others, aims to accelerate digitization in the aerospace industry with the help of Gaia-X. “dataLOFT” wants to develop transparent cloud-based applications in highly relevant areas of health care.


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