European Union could send more funds for weapons to Ukraine

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The foreign ministers of the European Union will meet next Monday in Brussels, in a meeting in which they plan to agree on an additional 500 million euros to finance the shipment of weapons to Ukraine in the war against Russia, from the European Support Fund. to Peace.

The heads of European diplomacy will also discuss how the EU can strengthen its relationship with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, in its efforts to win support against Russia. “We will support the Ukrainian Army militarily to defend its country and its people and we will give them lethal weapons until they are in a position to fix the terms of a possible peace or ceasefire,” European sources assured.

With the agreement to continue paying arms support to Ukraine, which will require the formal ratification of some national parliaments, the EU will have already allocated 2.5 billion to support Kyiv since the Kremlin began the invasion on February 24.

The European Peace Support Fund, a financial instrument outside the community budget that the EU approved last year, is endowed with approximately 5,700 million euros, with which the Twenty-seven wanted to prevent conflicts, consolidate peace and reinforce security international”.

“It was not designed to help a country at war, it was designed for a completely different situation,” explained the same sources, on a fund that is valid for seven years, but that in almost five months of conflict has been practically reduced to half.

The EU foreign ministers, who will hold a meeting by videoconference with their Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba, will meet three days after the new round of sanctions against Russia that Brussels has presented, mainly a veto on imports of its gold and the adding more people to the EU list.

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The new package will begin to be discussed on Monday in Brussels by the ambassadors of the Twenty-seven, with the intention of being able to close it this week.

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