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Eva Amurri Weds Chef Ian Hock

Eva Amurri Weds Chef Ian Hock

Eva Amurri, the actress and lifestyle blogger known for running the lifestyle company Happily Eva After, tied the knot with chef Ian Hock on Saturday. The wedding took place at Windrift Hall in New York’s Hudson Valley. The news was initially reported by People and later shared by Amurri on her official Instagram account.

The ceremony was a family affair, attended by Amurri’s mother, Susan Sarandon, her former partner Tim Robbins, and Amurri’s three children from her previous marriage to Kyle Martino. Amurri and Martino had been married for eight years before their split in November 2019.

Amurri emphasized the importance of family in their celebration. “We really wanted to center our little family unit in all of it, and make it as much about the kids as it was about us,” she told People. The couple worked closely with their officiant to create a personal and intimate ceremony, focusing on their love for food and their closest friends and family. “All we really needed was the beautiful atmosphere, our nearest and dearest, and a delicious party,” Amurri added.

This being her second wedding, Amurri found the planning process to be more manageable. “I found it much easier to plan because I learned so much from my first wedding experience and I know myself so well at this point in my life,” she shared. She aimed to follow her desires without external pressures, crafting the entire vibe of the wedding herself without a wedding planner. Although it was stressful at times, especially considering she now has three children, it was rewarding to focus on the details that made the day truly special.

Amurri and Hock’s story began when they met at his restaurant. At the time, Amurri was very pregnant and had just gone through a divorce. They spent time getting to know each other slowly, and Hock proposed in Paris in February 2023.

Reflecting on her relationship, Amurri expressed her gratitude. “I feel so fortunate to have found the most incredible partner after really not knowing if marriage was going to be in the cards for me after divorce,” she said. “Having found the most amazing man who loves me and my children unconditionally is such a gift. I can’t wait to continue our adventure together as husband and wife.”

The couple had their first dance to Taylor Swift’s “Lover,” a song that holds special meaning for them. They also shared a family dance to “Joy” by Andy Grammer, which is their special family song.

In addition to her lifestyle blogging, Amurri has had a successful career in television and film. Her TV credits include “Monarch,” “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe,” and “Undateable.” Her film credits feature “That’s My Boy,” “New York, I Love You,” and “The Banger Sisters,” in which she starred alongside her mother, Susan Sarandon.

Source: People