Eva Ayllón and Daniela Darcourt are recognized with the ‘Bicentennial Artist’ award

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The renowned interpreter Eva Ayllón and the salsa singer Daniel Darcourt received, from the hands of Julie Freundt, the ‘Artist of the Bicentennial’ award, recognition granted by the National Society of Interpreters and Performers of Music ().

The reality show ‘La voz senior’ made a stop to the recordings to give the award to both figures who work as coaches in the singing reality show. The Pimpinella duo, who were present at the award ceremony, were pleasantly surprised and congratulated the artists.

For her part, Eva Ayllón was moved by the award and dedicated a few words of gratitude to the country and its audience.

Thank you. I am happy and grateful to my people and to these people who take care of artists … I am excited, grateful because when people recognize you it is beautiful”, Said the Creole singer to the cameras of Latina’s ‘Women in command’.

His partner and colleague, the Peruvian musician Tony Succar He congratulated his colleagues for obtaining this great recognition for their musical careers.

I am honored to be sitting next to teacher Eva Ayllón, Daniela (Darcourt) and the Pimpinella brothers. This recognition is very well deserved because they are two very great artists and I am happy to share here with them.”Expressed the music producer excitedly.

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