“Eva González enjoys dream vacation amidst buzz surrounding Cayetano Rivera and Maria Cerqueiras’ relationship”

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Eva González and her son Cayetano recently took a break from their busy routines to enjoy the beautiful city of Cádiz. The mother-son duo had a great time relaxing on the beach of La Barrosa, and their pictures together are simply breathtaking.

For Eva, who remains focused on her role as the host of La Voz Kids, these days were much-needed to recharge her batteries. She wasn’t interested in keeping up with the latest developments in her ex-husband Cayetano Rivera’s relationship with Portuguese presenter Maria Cerqueira.

Eva’s priority now is to spend as much time as possible with her five-year-old son. A few weeks ago, they were horseback riding on the Cadiz coast, and they also enjoyed watching processions during Holy Week in Seville, including the one for the Virgen de la Esperanza de Triana. Eva can’t stop praising her little one, describing him as resilient, brave, tender, and empathetic, with the most beautiful smile in the world.

The end of Eva and Cayetano’s seven-year marriage and 13-year relationship was kept low-key, and neither of them has disclosed the reasons behind it. However, Eva has clarified that she is “very well” and is not considering a possible ecclesiastical annulment.

Despite his profession, Cayetano has opted for privacy regarding his life with Maria Cerqueira. His recent statement to El Diario de Sevilla reflects his desire to keep a part of his life away from the public eye. For now, both Eva and Cayetano are focused on their individual pursuits and spending valuable time with their son.

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